Beach Strolling

As the chilly winter rains pelt against my windowpane, I seek solace in front of a warm crackling fire. As much as I love to surround myself with people, I equally love to separate myself and take time to nurture my spirit with relaxation, reading and journaling and sometimes just letting my mind wander aimlessly. As the days grow longer and the sun rises higher in the sky I am drawn to a different kind of solitude. One that nurtures the soul and satisfies my senses. Having just found this new beach, I am excited about returning to it. And today seems like the perfect day to go beach strolling. So I head to the beach.

I pull into a parking spot and turn off my motor. The sun overhead gives me a false sense of the temperature outside. I wrap my warm scarf tighter around my neck and brave the winter chill waiting for me outside my car door. I step out into the cold and the crisp smell of salt water washes over my senses as white puffy clouds dot the blue sky overhead.

As I walk along the waters edge I gather shells and keep adding just one more to my already bulging pockets. I remind myself to leave some for the next "beach stroller".

Two crabs, washed up on the sand, lay silent…

A mother runs along the shore with her young child…

Down the beach I pass a woman perched on a log. I notice the contemplative expression on her face as I pass by. I wonder… has she recently lost a friend or lover or is he waiting at home for her return. Is she happy? Sad?? Or just here to soak up the ambiance as I am.

As I walk closer to the shore my eyes wander out over the smooth, glassy water and I catch sight of a sail boat as it is being propelled across the water with its small engine tilling the water sending rolling waves crashing against the shoreline at my feet. I am tempted to not move and let the water wash over my feet, but think better of it as I remember the cool temperatures of the day. I get lost in the sounds and the smells as my eyes catch a glimpse of more perfect shells that lay resting on sand just out of my reach under the water.

It's getting late in the day and I sense dusk is quickly approaching. As I head back down the beach towards my car I spot a young couple tossing rocks out into the water, competing with each other and lost in the moment unaware of passersby. I pass careless bundles of driftwood Mother Nature has placed in unsuspecting places to add to the already perfect ambiance of this place.

As the sun begins to set, I feel a loneliness settling in alongside my contented mood and I long for the warmth and familiar sounds of my home.

My pace picks up as I spy my car and I am excited for its warmth. As I settle in behind the steering wheel I feel contented and refreshed, ready to return to my busy world.

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JillyGirl said...

I just love this blog! :) Where is your new beach?