"Girls Night Out"

Love shows up when we least expect it in the midst of ordinary days. Especially on a Greek Island. Oh, well, who couldn't fall in love on a Greek Island? Surrounded by sparkling blue water, dotted with lush green islands, and of course the sun that never quits shining. Only late at night when it moves over to give the full moon some airtime.
And of course, somehow Abba's there singing in the background. And those white-washed villas that just seem to be suspended in space on the cliffs edge, hanging on for dear life so they don't end up in the water below. I'm thinking there's got to be a trip to Greece somewhere in my near future. And while I'm there I think I'll just stay for a while and run a quaint little hotel "on a cliff" the way Meryle Streep did in the movie. And I don't even care if it falls in the water. I'll just keep a life vest close by and end up with a floating hotel. . Hmm?? I think I'm already mentally there. And of course, I want Abba singing in the background filling my new world with music. I can see it now. Waking up in the early morning, throwing open my wood shutters, (just like the ones I fell in love with in Italy), and inhaling the fresh smell from the ocean just below my window, while the sun performs its morning dance as it skips and sparkles across the water. OHHH. I think I hear my husband calling me. You remember?? The guy with the broken leg. Doesn't he know I'm temporarily visiting Greece at the moment??

O.K. I'm trying to stay focused here. Mean while, back at the theatre. . .

We avoided the usual seats in the middle of the theatre and headed to the back top row
because we all knew once the singing and music began we'd be rockin’ and singin’ and we were hoping to avoid being removed from the theatre in the middle of the movie. We managed to keep it to a low roar until the final song began. What's a group of rockin’ girls gonna do? I knew it was all over for us. As far as having any self control that is. It began like the wave at a football game. First my daughter was on her feet singing at the top of her lungs and dancing, and then my niece. It didn't take long for the rest of us to fall in line.

We danced our way out of the theatre with hearts bursting with Abba music and visions
of this wonderful love story tucked away in our hearts. And plans to have our own Mama Mia party with all of us dancing and singing to Abba's music.

Mamma Mia!!


Anonymous said...

Now I know I must go see this movie!!

goatgirl said...

I have been wanting to see this movie so bad. Now I know I must. Can I come to the party?


Absolutely you can come to the party! I'll let you know when we pick a date. Just wear your dancin shoes. :)


Absolutely you can come to the party! I'll let you know when we pick a date. Just wear your dancin shoes. :)