Italian Memories

It was a year this past Wednesday that we were in the air flying over the ocean making our way to Paris and then onto Florence where we picked up our little silver car and headed out into the countryside of Tuscany. When I look at this path that I walked on last fall in a park in Cortona, Italy it's easy to take myself back there and feel the excitement I felt of just being there, and remembering the peace and tranquility that filled that space. Even though the path is absent of other people, (I think my husband removed them to show the beauty of the path - photographer that he is) we met many Italians that afternoon who were strolling and visiting or reclining on one of the many park benches scattered throughout the park and enjoying the views of the vineyards and rolling hills that lay just beyond the brick wall. The thing I most love about Italy is that people gather every day to walk, sit together and often sip a glass of wine along with their Italian bubbly water. By the way, we fell in love with their bubbly water and brought their custom home with us. But I think their real purpose is just to connect with others. It wasn't as if they needed to work at making that happen, it's just the "Italian" way. There was always a sense of community wherever we went and I noticed how laughter always accompanied these gatherings. Most Italians are extroverts, at least the ones we encountered and as we passed them on the cobblestone walkways I could feel some of their energy and passion attaching itself to me. I look back over this past year and realize how we so easily fell back into the busyness of our western lives that we promised ourselves we wouldn't do when we returned home. We wanted to incorporate more of the "Italian" lifestyle into our life. I miss the simple little villa that became our home that was so easy to maintain and yet so full of ambiance with it's tile floors, and wood shuttered windows that opened up to rolling hills and vineyards that lay just outside our front door. And our new farm friends, Leo the dog and his pal, the farm cat, who showed up at our door every morning to share breakfast with us. Even the animals knew about the importance of gathering. Or at least they knew there would be milk and bread waiting to be shared with them if they just showed up. Isn't that how life is sometimes? We are rewarded if we just show up.
As I settle into the new fall season that seemed to arrive overnight without warning, replacing the warm summer days with blustery winds and rainstorms, I find myself moving into my winter nesting mode and cozying up in my office to make time for creative writing, filling mugs with hot chocolate, and giving time to daydreaming about my next trip to Italy. What I've realized is that the pleasure of a trip isn't just for that particular moment, but the memories feed our spirit for a lifetime.

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Hi Sandy! Now I'm worried you are going to end up moving to Italy! When are we having tea? Come and see my blog and look what I put on my will be surprised!! hee hee