Pea Patch Garden

A year and a half ago we had all the huge trees cut down in our back yard which
opened it up to a whole new world of sunshine. I quickly started looking for the
perfect place to plant a garden. We spent the first part of this year getting rid of
the wood and designing garden spaces. We found the perfect spot for a "Pea
Patch Garden". It's about 5 feet by 40 feet. The middle of May we filled it with
tomato plants, cabbage, kale, potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, chives, parsley,
squash and peppers. My first stop every morning is to check out my garden and
see how much it has grown.

You see, it doesn't take much to excite this girl. Give me a little dirt, a shovel
and some seeds and I'm happy.

The spot where we planted the garden had been home to several pine trees so
we knew the soil was pretty acidic. But we were leaving on vacation the middle
of May and I wanted my garden in before we left so we put vegetable soil in each
hole as we planted knowing the soil wasn't going to produce the greatest crops
this year, but I wanted to try. This fall we will till the soil and add lime and
fertilizer and next year it should be more plant friendly.

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