The Backyard Swing

In the summer this is where I start my day.   

In my back yard  

on my swing. . .  

I come out here early in the morning to talk to God and hope that’s he’s up early too to hear my 

 hopes. . . 

dreams. . . 

my gratitude. . . 

and issues that are way too big for me to tackle.  

Then I sit quietly and wait to hear from him and how he’s going to answer my prayers,  

of course. . . 

in just the way I would like them answered.  Sometimes in the silence I feel his presence and hear an answer.  Most times though he tells me to be patient because a ready answer isn’t coming to him  

right at the moment.   

And of course I want to  

help him 

but there’s a rumor going round that when we put our hands on the problem we hinder and get in the way of  

his work.  

Sometimes. . . .

things can be taken care of more easily with only one set of hands working on them.  At that point I know just how my kids felt when they would ask me for something and my reply would be,  
“just be patient”.   

You can’t always have what you want the moment you want it.  

But we all know it would be so much nicer  

if we could. . .


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