The "Good" Dishes

The Good Dishes - and always eat on the good dishes every day!! Always!

I think we all have something we are drawn to of some flavor. Mine just happens to come in the form of the love for dishes.  Just when I think I have everything I could

ever want. . .

sigh. . .

another one catches my eye and of course it comes home with me.

When I had doors on my cupboards I found that what lay behind them were piles of mismatched dishes and unused clutter.  Several years ago a friend called who was frustrated with her kitchen cupboards and asked me to come over and see if I had any ideas.  Her kitchen was big with lots of cupboards.  As soon as I walked into her kitchen I knew.  The cupboard doors needed to come off.

I went home and soon my phone was ringing.  My friend, asking me to come back and see what she had done.   The doors had come off and she had emptied her cupboards, painted the insides and took only the dishes she loved and gave them a home in her new cupboard.  The change was stunning and oh sooo practical. 

A few months later. .  same friend . .  same scenario .. only this time

my kitchen.

My friend comes to my house and this time I’m complaining about my kitchen cupboards. 
She looked at me and rolled her eyes.  I know she was thinking, the answer is

obvious. . .

She goes home,

hubby comes home,

off come the cupboard doors. 

A few weeks later my same friend comes by to visit and we’re standing in my kitchen and she asks me, do I have a crowbar?  I’m guessing most people would ask,


Instead, I locate one and so willingly hand it over to her.  Before I know it she has taken off the back of the cupboard that faces the dining room.  And the amazing thing was that all the light from the dining room windows came pouring into my kitchen.

Who would have thought. . .

I love to live simply and practically.  Cupboard doors were always a nuisance to me.  All the opening and closing that goes on just to retrieve a dish or two. 


My cupboards only hold the dishes I love and what we use everyday.  Life’s so much easier.  The bottom line is, everything has a place, is easy to access and for me my dishes are like

art work. 

I enjoy looking at them every time I pass through my kitchen.

We have a sign hanging in our kitchen that says, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify".   I think “one” simplify would have been enough.

It’s a daily reminder to me to:

1)  Keep life simple.

2)  Remember to breathe.

3)  Bring my inner child out to play every day.

4)  Take life lightly.

5)  Say "no".

6)  Know that someone else can wash the dirty dishes.

(7) And when you “Stumble” make it part of your dance.

And to remember that if I take time each day to Breathe In and Breathe Out - I
know that I will be O.K.

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Pam said...

Now that was a good day, ripping off the back of your cupboard, who knew we were a demolition team! With all of your beautiful dishes they had to be seen and appreciated by all, they were crying out behind those cupboard doors. Love your blog!