For me, it’s always the
simple things

that make me smile. 

I came into my office early this morning, slid my window open and was immediately greeted by the croaking frogs that make their home in the ivy below my window,

and then

like a concert unfolding

the resident birds began singing their morning song,

serenading not only me but the early morning dog walkers who are already strolling our street. 

And that’s just the background music to this beautiful new day!

I believe every day should be exceptional + creative. . .

“Tidbits” I’ve gathered along life’s way, beginning from my mother.

1)      It’s your job to be happy. (It’s up to you how you react to every/any situation).
      2)      Be like a reed of grass in the wind, bend with whatever comes your way.  It’s when we are stiff and rigid that we get broken.
3)      You’re responsible for all the joy and fun in your life.
      4)      Only boring people get bored.
5)      Every morning say “This is going to be a great day!!”.
6)      Keep movin’.  Walk 2 miles every day.  Outside.  Rain or shine.

 “Life is like riding a bicycle.  In order to keep your balance you must keep moving”.

Plus. . .

Everyday. . .

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