Fall always brings that  

back-to-school feeling of a 

new sweater. . . 

cute boots. . . 

and fresh beginnings in the air. . . 

Or maybe it's the crisp morning breeze that compels me to wake up early and go for a walk.  I love the outdoors, but dusk is falling sooner and sooner accompanied by nippy nights. . .

AND. . . 

 the holidays feel right around the corner.   

Speaking of holidays- 

I’ve fallen in love with buying pumpkins this Halloween season. 

We have visited 2 pumpkin farms, several stores with bins of pumpkins and I always manage to find  

just one more. . . 

unique pumpkin. 

For me, “white” is the new “orange” in pumpkins this year. 

The fall rains have arrived accompanied by   

Thousands of falling leaves.  

Every week my hubby mows and rakes and for about 10 minutes the yard looks pristine and beautiful and then before

the mower has cooled off you can’t see the grass for the leaves  

that continue to fall.   

I love that mother-nature has taken over my watering job.  Somehow she just knows when I’m done with that for the season. 

 And that the plants have begun there winter nesting and I can just sit back and soak up their beauty. 

And the best part,  

I crack open my office window, press my nose against the screen and inhale the smell of  

fresh falling rain. 

Sigh. . . 

Seriously. . . 

Does life get any better?

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