Watch Bunny

This is our “Watch Bunny”.  She’s pretty quiet.  But we believe without a doubt that no intruder will

Ever. . .

Get through those French doors.

The Painted Chair

We’re all about making memories in our family, just like most families are. A few years ago my hubby’s niece from Minnesota came to visit in the summer for a couple of weeks.  On a rainy day when we just knew if we stepped outside in the rain we’d both for sure would

melt. . .

She said to me, “let’s do an art project”!  I had just been on a home tour with a friend and in one of the kitchens on the tour there was this painted stool with words and colors all over it.  I remembered a chair from my parents kitchen that had been sitting in our garage for years.  So I headed to the garage to retrieve it.  Then headed to my paint cupboard and brought out every color of paint I could find.  That day

“The Painted Chair” was given life. 

I knew with each stroke of paint that day that this chair was going to be more than

just a painted chair. . .

It was going to become a chair of

“memories”. . .

At the end of the day we both signed the chair and made this rule, before you could sign the chair you

had to have made something in our kitchen.  It could be as simple as

brewing a pot of coffee. . .

Thus began the journey of

“The Painted Chair”. 

That was 7 years ago and today the chair tells a story of everyone who has passed through our kitchen

and home.

Life for me is all about creating history and memories with friends and family.  And I know one day this chair is going to  

read like a history book. . .