Bib Overalls

This is my grandma Winnie in her bib overalls.  She not only has bibs on but if you look closely you will see she also has her

high heels on. 

And I’m pretty sure if you look even closer you will see she has

her earrings on too. 

She was a classy gardener.  I do have to say, no matter what both of my grandma’s were doing, they ALWAYS had some level of make-up and jewelry on.  They set a pretty high standard for all of us granddaughters that followed behind them.  Spending time with them growing up I knew what I saw on the outside was just a mirror for what was on the inside of them. They were strong women with kind and gentle spirits.

She passed her love of gardening down to me.

And to that I nod and say, “thank you”!

I just can’t figure out how to do the high heel thing in the garden.

When I spend hours in my garden with my own bib overalls on I feel the spirit of my grandma smiling over me. 

My friend Ruthie and I.

I’m sure somewhere behind that smile she’s thinking,

“girl, get your high heels on”!

When I step into my garden, I step into a peace I find no where else.  The collection of birds that make our yard their home serenade me with their morning song, the squirrels that live in our trees scamper around me chattering and reminding me that their peanut stash is low.  Maybe I’m a one focus girl, because when I put my hands in the dirt all the chaos and noises that fill the world outside my garden gate are non-existent. And if you pay really close attention to nature you will find that hour by hour she’s ever changing.

Last week a friend came by for tea under the red umbrella.  She was facing up the yard and I was facing down the yard.  As she got up to leave (after 4 hours of chatting) she said, as she sat there she noticed how the sun came and went in the upper garden  continually changing the view she was looking at.  She doesn’t know that before she arrived I actually had a talk with Mother Nature asking her if she could

please -

out do herself a little for my friend and -

showcase her creativity. . .

which of course,  she did. . .

and of course,

I thanked her. . .

Out in nature is where I like to spend my free time.  Give me a salt water beach or a country road.  And this girls happy.  A couple of weeks ago we were invited to have dinner with our friends at their home on Camano Island.  As we drove home later, in the quiet of the night, over hill and over dale through the green lush countryside, windows cracked, breathing in the fresh night air and stopping along side the road to take in the big yellow moon overhead that was lighting our way, I was reminded of the beauty that surrounds us every day if we just take time

to notice.

So as I take a stroll one last time through my backyard to make sure all the new plants are in the ground, the dirt is fluffed and ready for the 3 backyard party’s that are lined up back to back like tin soldiers, to take place the next 3 weekends, my bibs are hung by the back door, and my thoughts turn to party napkins, fancy drinks, is there enough seating for everyone?  Well, maybe a few could stand while they eat.

And of course, hoping there is enough food for everyone who enters the garden gate.

If you’re ready to party -

Come sit by me. . .