About Me

Known to my family and friends as "Chocolate Girl". I love writing, chocolate and walking.
I wrote my first manuscript at age 8 and I never stopped writing. It's right up there with
breathing and chocolate. I eat truffles when I write and when they're gone I send my hubby out for more.

I love my girlfriends. . .

I love my husband and children too. . .

but I can't imagine a life without girlfriends.

There’s a lot I could tell you about me - about growing up with 4 brothers .. . about my training as a Life Coach. . . about that one time I was invited to have lunch with Mya Angelo and didn’t go (HUGE regret) . .

or. . . how I love walking in the rain. . .

But I’ll leave you with this - a few snapshots from my Amazing Life . . . so far.

I’m a mom. . .My children fill my heart with a love that no other human being can place there.

I’m a wife. .. I believe it’s an honor to choose or be chosen as a mate and promise to love them forever. Married to the delight of my life. He’s the best part of every day!

I’m a writer. . . I wrote my first “novel” at age eight and “plays” that were performed in our backyard to neighborhood audiences. I never stopped writing. It takes courage to say who we really are. When people used to ask me what I did, I’d say I write. Today I say, “I’m a writer”. Writing increases my capacity to delight my life.

I’m a coach & mentor. . . Today out of a home-based office I coach and mentor my clients.

I’m a philosopher...
There’s a sign that hangs in our kitchen that says - “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify”. I believe that life should be simple, uncluttered + free.

I’m playful... I grew up with 4 brothers. How could I not be playful? I giggle more then I grumble . . most of the time.

For all of this. . . I am beyond grateful.

You know the popular cliché "think outside the box". Well, I was born with one foot outside the box and my four brothers quickly pulled the other foot out. To them I am forever deeply grateful. I was born with an innate curiosity of life and the world. So, it seems only natural to me that I would love "walking in this world". I want to see everything and I don't want to miss anything. I invite you to take one foot out of the box", put on your walking shoes, grab your journal to record a few memories, and of course, tuck a piece of chocolate in your pocket and come walking with me. So let's get started! I can't wait to begin!

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