Water Therapy


 On any given day when I have free time you will find me by the water - salt water.   

The first place we took our granddaughter even before she could walk was to a salt water beach.  I took her shoes off, put her toes in the sand and whispered in her ear,  

Niya Lilly, “do you feel the sand in your toes”,  

and then I walked her to the water’s edge and said,

Niya Lilly, smell the salt water”.   

And we both took a deep breath. And then we looked at each other and -  

 I knew - 

she smelled what I smelled.

When she looked up at me and smiled, I hoped with everything in me that I had planted a seed in this new little spirit.

If I’m working in my office and there’s rain falling outside my office window, you can be sure, my window will always be cracked open.   

Just so I can - 

smell the rain. . .

I have shared my love for the smell of fresh rain and all that comes with it with Niya.  One afternoon it was raining hard and Niya and I were in our den watching a movie.  I took her over to the window, opened it up wide open, snuggled up around her while she leaned on the window sill and whispered in her ear,

 Niya Lilly, just smell the rain. 

Watch the rain as it bounces off the bright shiny leaves and listen to how -

 quiet it is.

I talked about nature and how beautiful and wonderful it is, and how it relaxes our spirit.

How when we sit by the water or walk in the woods we forget that the rest of the world exists.  Now when she comes to spend the night and it’s raining, she’s the one who takes me to the den, opens the window and says,

“GaGa, let’s smell the rain.

We have a fountain in our entry way and I have one in my office and one outside our front door.

This week we added one to our bedroom.  My hubby found this little fountain that sounds like a quiet babbling brook.  Last night as we lay in bed with the smell of fresh falling rain carried by a cool breeze floated in thru our open bedroom window, and the sound of water softly tumbling over rocks lifted from our new fountain as we drifted off to sleep.

If I ever lived another life before this one (and I’m not so sure that I did), I’m pretty confident I was a fish. 

That’s how much I love water.