Sometimes Forgotten - But Never Too Late

 My hubby and I were married on Dec. 18th right in the smack dab middle of preparation for the

Christmas holidays. 

Need I say more. . . 

So every Dec. we have the same discussion about when should we celebrate?  Sometimes it falls on our friends annual Christmas Party - 

that we for sure wouldn’t miss. . . 

Then there’s the week before Christmas with all the busyness of shopping and decorating and getting the guest room ready for the arrival of overnight guests - 

or. . . 

the week after when we’re really just ready to do nothing after all the entertaining and eating and

and company and cleaning up -  

or. . . 

maybe we could just wait until January when the world feels too quiet after all the hustle and bustle. 

And so here it is January 28 and somewhere in all the excitement of the New Year and putting things back

together and thoughts of the arrival of spring - 

our anniversary was forgotten. 

I came into my office this morning, sat down at my desk, opened a drawer and as I was moving papers around not even sure what I was looking for - 

there in the middle of all the drawer chaos lay this card - 

that I had totally forgotten about. . . 

and as I turned it over this is what I read -  

Sometimes “right back where you started from” is right where you belong.   

The anniversary card I had bought my hubby months before Christmas was even in view, but never signed and gave to him. 

You see, my hubby is a romantic and things like special dates and cards and old memories and new memories are really important to him.  He still makes me feel like I’m - 

on a date. . . 

when we go out together. 

He does special things - 

like opening my car door or pulling out my chair in a restaurant. 

When we cross a street together he always puts his hand on my lower back and I always feel so protected by him.  It’s his way of saying I’ve got your back. 

If I fall asleep before him he still wakes me to - 

kiss me good-night - every time. . . 

You see, many years ago there was this 19 year old boy and an 18 year old girl who met on a blind date three thousand miles from their homes and after much dining and laughing and getting to know each other - she went here and he went there and then 25 years later - 

fate brought them back together. 

And now as we begin our 25th year of marriage I know we need to make a special date and celebrate the 24th year that we just left behind in 2016. 

Because. . . 

it’s never too late to celebrate.   

it’s just that we remembered.



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